TomTom Trucker Introduction & Setup:

Designed to be the trucker’s best buddy the TomTom Trucker combines a variety of innovative features and greatest traffic alternative. It is one of those advanced GPS for trucks built with community POI and truck routing features.

TomTom Trucker has a 6-inch touch-screen display, so you can smoothly operate your GPS and easy to zoom in and out with only a pinch. It even has the option to display real directions and landmarks with all voice-activated road names. It is possible to receive alerts of low bridges, sharp turns, speed limit, and school zones on the screen of your TomTom Trucker.

TomTom Trucker 520:

TomTom Trucker 520 is a 5-inch GPS apparatus with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, free lifetime traffic upgrades, and smartphone messages. It includes a large array of useful features including navigation directions, road name statement, and voice command recognition.


It includes various inbuilt programs like Foursquare and lane helper. TomTom Trucker 520 is compatible with Google and Siri now, allows you to do the jobs from the smartphone. You can always drive with the newest maps since TomTom Trucker includes the free lifetime map updates.

Customized Routes: allows you to go into the kind, size, weight, and cargo.

Voice-activated: lets you operate the device with voice and voice speech entry.

Customized POI: lets you save your preferred point of pursuits such as truck stops, gas stations, and restaurants.

Bluetooth Connectivity: allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to carry calls.

Lifetime Traffic Update: allows you to get life traffic updates either on apparatus or smartphone.

Every trucker has their own preferences and ideas about what makes a good GPS, but this TomTom Trucker GPS is versatile enough to satisfy from new ones to specialists. It has a snap-mount platform which lets you mount your GPS simple and quickly.

TomTom Trucker comprises preloaded maps of North America and lifetime map upgrades without any subscriptions. Other characteristics include voice-activated navigation permits you to connect your smartphone using Bluetooth and receive text messages and traffic updates on your mobile phone.

The way to isolate the TomTom Trucker 600?

The new TomTom trucker 600 can also join through Bluetooth to a trucker’s phone. The MyDrive Connect program design to plan a path, avoid any sort of dangers and visitors to verify transfer proposed avenues to the government or the customer. It’s the most dependable GPS for specialist truckers because of the ability to connect to MyDrive program for Android along with iOS.

Step by step process to set up the TomTom Trucker GPS. Practice the steps to configure TomTom Trucker GPS:

  1. Start a browser and open the link of this TomTom’s site.
  2. Select your country and also download the MyDrive Connect which is on the left-hand side.
  3. When Prompted, connect your device to a notebook via USB Cable.
  4. Enter the product name or sequential number.
  5. Address your device by typing the name for it and click on add.
  6. Install MyDrive Link and Click the icon to perform the GPS setup.
  7. First of all, create an account for MyDrive Connect program.
  8. Follow the directions to prepare your GPS according to your location.
  9. Check for the updates to find out the new updates available for your device.
  10. Choose the updates that you want to install and get the most recent maps of your area.
  11. Restart the TomTom Trucker GPS to save the upgrades.

Common problems using TomTom Trucker:

  1. No Signal
  2. Unusual Shutdown
  3. Allergic Masks
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity
  5. Installation Error
  6. Firmware Error